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How to recover a corrupted Microsoft Word document or template?

Repair word softwareNowadays a lot of users face the problem of corrupted text Microsoft Word documents and templates, as well as documents in the Rich Text format. When corrupted, these files do not open and the entire information in them becomes unavailable. You can effectively solve this problem and recover corrupted information with Recovery Toolbox for Word (download). Using this tool includes several steps and looks like this.

How to repair Word file?

How to repair Word file? The user should select the corrupted document or template in the first step. In most cases it is better to use Windows Explorer for that. To do it, just click the button. The Windows Explorer dialog box will allow you to select the files of the necessary format (.doc and .docx, .dot and .dotx, .rtf). All files that have been analyzed once are saved to a special quick access list. To select them after that, you just click the icon, move the mouse pointer to the necessary document and click the left mouse button. When Recovery Toolbox for Word moves on to the second step, it displays the dialog box where you can start scanning. You should give a positive answer and the process of analyzing the specified document or template will be started after that. After it is over (the time depends on the source file, your CPU performance and its resources), the program will display the entire information that was recovered. You should carefully look through it to make sure that Microsoft word repair tool solved the task.

How to repair DOCX files?

How to repair DOCX files? The recovered information is saved to the hard drive in the next step. To move on to it, you should click the Start recovery button of the Word recover file tool. It opens a context menu with two items. The first one is Export to MS Word. If you select it, Microsoft Word is started automatically and a new document with the text from the corrupted file will be created in it. After this process is over, you can do anything with this file: edit it, save it under a certain name, etc. The second item in the context menu is Save as Plane text (create a text file with the recovered information). If you select it, the user will have to specify the folder and the name of this file. After that, the program will automatically create it and copy all data to it. After the program finishes saving the file to the hard drive, it moves to the last step and displays the report where you can see information about all processes involved in recovering information from Microsoft Word documents and templates and performed during the current session of the Word recover file tool.

Word file recovery 2003 version

Thus, Recovery Toolbox for Word allows you to effectively remover text from any corrupted Microsoft Word document or template or any document of the Rich Text format. You should not neglect this possibility, which is especially true for corporate users: losing even one document may cause a serious damage for the company. Besides its effectiveness, Microsoft Word repair tool is distinguished by how easy it is to use it. The entire process of recovering information from corrupted documents in it is designed in such a way that any user, including those who only start working with the computer, can do it. A special step-by-step wizard of the Word file recovery 2003 tool allows you to do it. You have to perform only one operation in each of its steps. This approach is very user-friendly: it allows you to start using the software repair Word files without having to learn it how to use it.

The problem of corrupted Microsoft Word documents and templates is a pressing issue. Currently, this editor is a de facto standard for working with electronic text documents. It is used literally anywhere, especially on corporate computers. That is why documents created in Microsoft Word often contain important information. However, you would not call their format stable (unlike plain text). Even minor changes in a file may result in the corrupted document. If you try to open such a file, you will see an error message or a message informing you that it is impossible to recognize the encoding.

Quite a lot of things may cause this situation. Viruses are one of the most common causes. They infect Microsoft Word documents and templates and are quite common nowadays. Modern antivirus software successfully removes them. However, such a document may become unreadable due to changes made to it. Another thing often causing damages is sending them via Internet (for example, by e-mail) or carrying them on removable media: CDs, DVDs, flash drives, floppy disks, etc. Besides, a document may get corrupted when it is just stored on the hard drive (for example, as a result of a failure in the operating or file system) or when you are working with it (in case Microsoft Word is closed with an error).

Features of Recovery Toolbox for Word:

  • The Word recovery tool tested under Windows 98.
  • The Word recovery tool can fix Word files under Windows Me.
  • The Microsoft word repair tool compatible with Windows NT 4.0
  • The Microsoft word repair software was successfully tested Windows 2000
  • The Microsoft word repair software was successfully tested Windows XP
  • The Word file recovery tool compatible with Windows Server 2003
  • The Microsoft word repair sotware compatible with Windows Vista and can repair .docx files of Word 2007
  • Recovery Toolbox for Word is a program to fix doc files version Microsoft Word 95
  • Recovery Toolbox for Word is a program to fix doc files version Microsoft Word 97
  • The Word DOC recovery software repair files of Microsoft Word 2000
  • Tool can repair DOCX file of Microsoft Office 2007
  • Software repair Word files through network.

Recovery Toolbox for Word can solve next errors:

  • Word unable to read file
  • .doc file is not in the recognizable format
  • Word 2007 unable to read file docx
  • Word cannot access read-only document
  • Cannot read word file because corrupted
  • Microsoft word this file is not in a recognizable format
Note: Recovery Toolbox, Inc. don't have other MS word file repair tools, doc repair tools and Word repair tools.
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